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Rork Premium Subscription Terms
Rork is a free application offering various features such as a tracker, calendar, notes, offline work, community, collections, ratings, year summaries, dark theme, book search, and barcode scanner—all provided for free. Some additional paid services, like Rork Premium, may be available in certain countries, offering an enhanced reading experience and supporting further development of Rork.
1. Introduction

Rork Premium is a subscription that unlocks exclusive features. By subscribing, you authorize Rork to make periodic monthly or yearly payments using your selected payment method until you or Rork cancels the subscription.

Rork collaborates with third-party payment processing services to ensure convenient and secure Rork Premium purchases.

1.1. Billing
Manage your Rork Premium subscription by going to the Rork Premium section in your Rork account settings. If your payment method is declined, you must provide new payment details; otherwise, your Rork Premium subscription will be canceled. If you provide new payment details, and the funds are successfully deducted, your new subscription period starts from the planned renewal date, not the date of successful deduction.

1.2. Taxes and Currency Exchange Rates
КористуваUsers in specific regions may be subject to local taxes calculated and added to the total purchase cost. Payment systems may apply their commissions and currency exchange rates to payments in different currencies. Rork has no control over this.

2. Subscription Cancellation Process

2.1. Canceling Subscription

You can cancel Rork Premium at any time. If you purchased Rork Premium through Apple ID, cancel the subscription in your device account settings or the "Subscriptions" section in the Apple App Store. If you purchased through Google Play, cancel the subscription in the "Subscriptions" section in Google Play.

2.2. Refunds and Effect of Cancellation
Your subscription remains active until the end of the current billing period upon cancellation. No compensation or refund is provided for the remaining days in the current billing period. After the subscription term ends, you lose access to all Rork Premium features.

Deleting your Rork account or removing the Rork app from your device does not cancel your subscription.

3. Third-Party Paid Services
If you subscribe to Rork Premium through a third party (e.g., Google Play, Apple App Store), additional terms agreed between you and the third party may apply. Payment terms for services obtained through third parties are directly regulated between you and the third party.

4. Termination

4.1. Violation of Terms
Failure to comply with Rork's Terms of Use may result in temporary or permanent account suspension or restriction of certain features. In such cases, you may lose Rork Premium benefits without compensation from us.

4.2. Unilateral Termination
Rork reserves the right to terminate the subscription at any time, including in response to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control or legal requirements. In such cases, we will cancel your active subscription and refund a proportional part of any prepayment equivalent to the unused subscription term remaining.

5. Taxes, Fees, and Refunds
You are responsible for all taxes, tariffs, internet charges, and other payments related to your use of Rork.

Typically, funds paid for purchases are non-refundable. It is not possible to receive a partial refund or compensation if a user wishes to cancel their current subscription prematurely. Such a subscription will remain valid until the end of the purchased term.

6. Changes

6.1. Cost and Terms
While we do not plan frequent changes to the price of Rork Premium, we reserve the right to modify both these terms and the renewal fee to reflect changes in our operations, economic circumstances, new product and service offerings, and other factors.

6.2. Advance Notice
For any significant changes, we will notify you at least 30 days in advance by sending a message to your Rork account, and you will have the opportunity to cancel the subscription before the new fee takes effect. All official notifications regarding your Premium Rork subscription will be sent to the user through Notifications in the Rork application.

Notifications from Rork about your Premium account may contain only essential information about the subscription or payment details, excluding advertisements.

7. Scope of Premium Services

7.1. Included Services
Services included in the Rork Premium subscription ("Premium Services") are listed in the "Premium" section of the application settings. From time to time, we may add new items to the list of Premium Services. We may also remove some of the existing Premium Services if we can no longer provide them for legal or technical reasons. Additionally, some Premium Services may become free for all Rork users in the future.

7.2. Availability
Rork aims to make its services available to all users at all times. However, technical difficulties may occasionally temporarily hinder the provision of services to users, including Premium Services. Rork does not compensate for any direct or indirect losses caused by the temporary inability to provide any free or paid services.
Premium Services are available in the official iOS and Android applications.

7.3. Software Requirements
Some Premium Services may require the installation of the latest version of the Rork application on your device. Generally, users with whom you interact do not need to purchase a subscription to Rork Premium to continue interacting with you.

7.4. Barcode Scanning
Premium Services remove restrictions on the number of books you can scan using your smartphone camera to scan barcodes. This service is still evolving, and there is no guarantee that each book you try to scan will immediately contain information about the title, author, and cover. However, we maintain a list of books whose barcodes are not yet in our catalog and add them later. If a user saves such a book, the information will be updated in the user's account after being filled out by Rork administrators.

7.5. Reader's Forecast
Premium Services provide access to the "Reader's Forecast" feature in the Analytics section in Rork. This feature predicts the approximate number of books you can read by the end of the year, taking into account the average number of books read in the current year and the current date. However, the actual number of books read depends on external factors, such as changes in reading regularity, choosing books of a different size, increased or decreased reading speed, changing habits, etc. Therefore, there are no guarantees that this forecast will be accurately precise. However, we make efforts to improve the forecasting algorithm and enhance this feature.